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Vautravers: “We have to understand that the individuals who should be monitored in France when there is a terrorist threat, just to give a round number, let’s say around 10,000 people

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“A great deal of research and rigorous product testing will need to be carried out to make the ‘self-driving car’ a reality.”

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The small liberal arts college uses outside scholarships first to reduce the earnings students are expected to contribute from summer jobs, said Varo Duffins, the college's financial aid director.

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There’s also a special report on the future of other cities in Yorkshire, alongside features on how to maximise the value of your business and the opportunities of big data.

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One Democratic governor, Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire, joined them in rejecting Syrian refugees.

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Vintage cars pass the Houses of Parliament in Westminster shortly after beginning the 119th "Veteran Car Run" from Hyde Park in London, to Brighton in southern England

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In most of Europe, copyrights expire 70 years after the author's death

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Scientific advances in recent years have allowed researchers to retrieve and analyse genomes from ancient burials

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The American people are not crash-test dummies for use in left-wing social experiments about multiculturalism and open borders

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A House Appropriations spokeswoman declined comment on what might end up in the legislation

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Second biggest is Europe, buoyed by especially strong demand from the UK, and China is now third.

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On Friday, the hospital's last deadline to comply with CMS's demands, the agency at last announced its determination in a letter to St

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His best offense has been offensive rebounding and running the floor

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The Christians/Muslims refugee distinction is a point that has been made in the past by Nigel Farage for the UK

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King's endorsement was not unexpected

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Often, when a sample arrives at a natural museum—or its exclusively botanical brethren known as a herbarium—it doesn’t have a name

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The State Department said the refugees would be spread nationwide, though many go on to places where they have family or cultural connections, such as Detroit, New York, Chicago or Los Angeles.

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So what’s the difference between the two models? The most obvious one is the strap

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And yet the Ford Fiesta plant in Cuautitlan, near Mexico City, has a $700 labor cost advantage per car over GM's Orion plant, he said.

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Davis said it would take "some time" to fully realize the long-term effects of targeting key elements of the oil network.

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The good news is that, in their hearts, people are aware of this

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The celebs and their pro partners definitely earned their spots though

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After all, Golden State ranks No

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Our prime minister even fell in love with the Downing Street tea lady, once

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In addition to the federal probe, protesters have also called for authorities to release video of the incident, as well as the identity of the officer involved

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In November 1978, a Californian congressman, Leo Ryan, travelled to South America to investigate Jonestown

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Soros, which has been betting on Herbalife for roughly two years, said in a regulatory filing that it liquidated its position by selling nearly 2 million shares during the third quarter

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I totally bought Jeller (Ha) as assassins

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Even the maps suggest various tactics and strategies, as players exploit the terrain for ambushes and cover.

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This story has now be turned into a film, Experimenter, starring Peter Sarsgaard and Winona Ryder.

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Seating configuration and fuel burn were the most important factors by far, accounting for about 80 percent of the variation in fuel efficiency

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The next stage of our research will be to measure the fatigue strength of the chords in a range of treated porcine mitral valves that are used or being considered for use in transplants

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It began with a sordid episode on Twitter as the nation watched the junior version of Masterchef, the globally popular TV cooking competition.

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and inhaled the substance that appeared to be heroin,” the complaint continues.